Pam Orbach began her career as a middle and high school teacher. Today she is a certified mediator, trainer and coach who specializes in using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the principals of Restorative Justice. Pam currently supervises the Bellevue DRC's Parent Teen Mediation Program for the City Of Bellevue. In 2014 Pam completed the Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program, a year-long immersion program focused on leadership and training skills. She has attended Dominic Barters's Restorative circle training and is completing a Restorative Justice practitioner apprenticeship. She is a core member of Seattle Restorative justice, where she leads the education team, working with faculty and administrators in schools to support the shift to a restorative culture. Pam recognizes that Restorative Justice requires a process of culture and mindset modification that works best when nurtured and supported over time. To this end she invests herself fully alongside her clients, (in school, the workplace, or in other community organizations) working in partnership over time with commitment; as well as investing in her own continuing education process to learn and grow constantly as knowledge in this field evolves and expands. Pam facilitates restorative conferences and circles involving all levels of conflict. She has supported a tertiary education institution to bring in Restorative practice, as well as a faith-based community in the Seattle area. It is powerful to experience the ripple effect that restorative practice has on interactions and communications throughout the community as it becomes a way of being. Pam also works with parties in the dependency system to facilitate positive outcomes for the whole family. In her private practice, Pam coaches individuals, couples, and families. She designs and delivers trainings and dialogue for organizations to foster compassionate communication; NVC, self-connection, a restorative mindset and practices.

Pam has worked with business partners needing support to resolve differences, envision the future, and create rich strategies to have business flow in the present. She has also supported individuals who wish to clarify what they are needing in different areas of their lives, and supported them to communicate their needs in a way that provides connection and change. Pam does this work because of a deep commitment to support compassionate, nonviolent change in our world, and because it meets her own needs to contribute, connect and grow. She looks forward to connecting with you in any manner that would be supportive.