Our mission is to empower organizations, schools, families, couples and individuals to achieve the vision of what they can fully be.


Listening, Being heard and understood, Connection, Strategies, Agreements.
We believe in win-win solutions.
Whether we meet with a family or an organization- Conflict is an opportunity for growth and healing.
We work with impartiality to create a safe space for parties to engage with conflict and each other.
Everyone is fully heard and understood.
We move away from judging who’s right and wrong.
We work to meet everyone's needs.


Envisioning. Dialogue. Resolving group conflict. Communication workshops.
We customize our service to meet your needs, creatively using experiential and interactive processes.
We work with energy to create a safe space for parties to engage constructively and compassionately so that: everyone can be heard; can contribute to the process, and everyone can fully and willingly embrace the outcome.

Advocacy in Schools

Clarity. Strategy. Solutions.
We support schools, teachers, individuals and families to identify their needs.
We facilitate an exploration to find strategies that will change the current situation, and facilitate future success.
We support parties in the process of advocating for what they need, in a way that fosters connection, and results in all parties experiencing positive growthful outcomes

Restorative Justice

Restorative circles. One on One. Small group restorative sessions.
We work to resolve disagreements or for understanding and realignment.
We engage in a process where the broader group impacted by a conflict come together without singling out parties, to repair damage and heal differences.
The joint holding of responsibility creates healing and growth.


Dare to Dream.
Begin where you are, whether it is work related or a personal matter.
Using nonviolent communication techniques and processes, we work to clarify what you need, envision the changes you desire, and develop the strategies to move forward.


The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be quiet and listen. ~ Rumi

Nonviolent Communication

With its focus on feelings and universal human needs, the practice of NVC stimulates deeper understanding of ourselves and others and provides a compassionate way to relate to one another, even in the face of conflict.